Monday, February 23, 2009

where's the fire, short bus?

it's been a weird weekend. i slipped down some steps on the school bus on friday, just before we were to leave for a uil competition. the stairs were slippery because it was rainy and my balance was off because i was tired (read: hungover). so there i go, my bum hitting a few steps on my way down. i heard some students gasp and see some teachers looking over me. i think i grumbled something to the bus driver about the steps being wet and limped to my car. big bruise on my back and arm now. may never recover pride.

weird happening #2: i was driving out of my neighborhood on my way to work this morning when a short bus sped by. it said mercedes isd, a city that's 45 minutes away. a minute later i see 2 more short buses, one from mission and another from weslaco or something. i drove on wondering a few things. 1) why were these short buses driving so fast, and 2) why were they from random cities around the valley? then two words popped into my head: bank heist.

the crappiness that is today continued when i got a phone call saying my daughter had a 100 degree fever and was achey all over. called my dad because i work 35 minutes away, whereas he lives 5 minutes away. after calling him 15 times he answered and took her to the doctor. i had to finish inputting grades before i could leave. if you don't turn in grades on time it better be for a good reason... like a psychopath cut off your arms and legs and broke all the pencils you could've used to type with your mouth. and i'm sure they'd still scold you for not using your eyelashes.

victoria is playing with her nintendo ds on the couch next to me. we're also watching the food network. she inherited my inability to sit and do one thing. if i'm watching tv i must also be on a computer, texting, reading a book, and painting my toenails. but dammit i know details about the sugar show pieces on the food network, and can repeat what sharron says about the adorable thing her cat just did on the phone, and can summarize what i just read in the audicity of hope, and not make a mistake as i put the second coat of red polish on my pinky toe.

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