Sunday, February 15, 2009

a day for red things

Things have been a little better since the new year started. The last few months of 2008 were exhausting, yet eye-opening. I spent most of the holiday gaining back some of the stress-related weight I lost and refusing to leave the sofa. I think the best part about the holiday was watching all of the episodes of arrested development. New favorite show.

Yesterday was valetine's day. Since Randy worked I had girl time with my kiddo and Monica. The gays and I had planned to make it a kate winslet-themed movie night but they bailed. Probably saw something glittery or phallus-shaped and followed it. Watched a movie, ate too much popcorn, watched tv at home, ate too much again, then fell asleep. I paid for everything and Monica still didn't put out.... lame. (kidding)

Took a trip to progreso recently, photos to be posted soon! I will say stawberry margaritas, a giant stone rooster, a creepy clown and a place called the red panty bar were involved. til then...

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