Monday, February 23, 2009

where's the fire, short bus?

it's been a weird weekend. i slipped down some steps on the school bus on friday, just before we were to leave for a uil competition. the stairs were slippery because it was rainy and my balance was off because i was tired (read: hungover). so there i go, my bum hitting a few steps on my way down. i heard some students gasp and see some teachers looking over me. i think i grumbled something to the bus driver about the steps being wet and limped to my car. big bruise on my back and arm now. may never recover pride.

weird happening #2: i was driving out of my neighborhood on my way to work this morning when a short bus sped by. it said mercedes isd, a city that's 45 minutes away. a minute later i see 2 more short buses, one from mission and another from weslaco or something. i drove on wondering a few things. 1) why were these short buses driving so fast, and 2) why were they from random cities around the valley? then two words popped into my head: bank heist.

the crappiness that is today continued when i got a phone call saying my daughter had a 100 degree fever and was achey all over. called my dad because i work 35 minutes away, whereas he lives 5 minutes away. after calling him 15 times he answered and took her to the doctor. i had to finish inputting grades before i could leave. if you don't turn in grades on time it better be for a good reason... like a psychopath cut off your arms and legs and broke all the pencils you could've used to type with your mouth. and i'm sure they'd still scold you for not using your eyelashes.

victoria is playing with her nintendo ds on the couch next to me. we're also watching the food network. she inherited my inability to sit and do one thing. if i'm watching tv i must also be on a computer, texting, reading a book, and painting my toenails. but dammit i know details about the sugar show pieces on the food network, and can repeat what sharron says about the adorable thing her cat just did on the phone, and can summarize what i just read in the audicity of hope, and not make a mistake as i put the second coat of red polish on my pinky toe.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

a day for red things

Things have been a little better since the new year started. The last few months of 2008 were exhausting, yet eye-opening. I spent most of the holiday gaining back some of the stress-related weight I lost and refusing to leave the sofa. I think the best part about the holiday was watching all of the episodes of arrested development. New favorite show.

Yesterday was valetine's day. Since Randy worked I had girl time with my kiddo and Monica. The gays and I had planned to make it a kate winslet-themed movie night but they bailed. Probably saw something glittery or phallus-shaped and followed it. Watched a movie, ate too much popcorn, watched tv at home, ate too much again, then fell asleep. I paid for everything and Monica still didn't put out.... lame. (kidding)

Took a trip to progreso recently, photos to be posted soon! I will say stawberry margaritas, a giant stone rooster, a creepy clown and a place called the red panty bar were involved. til then...

Friday, October 3, 2008

why mommy has gone insane

A few reasons as to why I haven't updated my blog, or why I have gone mad:

1) The school year has started again and a family of monkeys took over as administration for the school. I teach a program called AVID and while the program is supposed to help high school students succeed in college, its very hard to actually implement the program well when none of the higher ups actually support it. To give you an example, let me first explain my schedule. The ideal AVID schedule has classes separated by grade level since each grade level is working on something different. At the last minute the schedule was changed to have all four grade levels (thats freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors) in one 45-minute class. I'm running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to figure out what each grade level is supposed to do and actually have them work. AVID also involves a lot of paperwork that I have to collect from different departments in the school. While the program has been with the school for 5 years, apparently everyone whose help I need in the different departments have all suffered from memory loss and don't know what I'm talking about when I tell them I need students' scores, schedules, and transcripts. Even though I tell them 3 weeks in advance what I need, they all look at me the day I need it like they have no idea who the frustrated brown-haired lady is and why she looks mad.

2) The English department head at the school hates the elective teachers in their deparment. Namely me, the yearbook teacher, and the photography teacher. We have to sign in every morning at 7:30 a.m. with the english department head. If we are even a minute late, the department head draws a line on the sign in sheet and everyone who signs in after the line is late. So while the teachers are being reprimanded for being 10 seconds late, the students can walk in 40 minutes late to a 45 minute class and get a slap on the hand. That's not even accurate. They get a stern look and wiggle of the finger. Also, the school administration/family of monkeys decided that elective teachers will also be tutoring core subjects. So I have to tutor English, the spanish teachers have to tutor Science, and so forth. I've love for the core subject teachers to tutor yearbook or spanish. Because apparently teachers know everything about every subject. While I was tutoring English one day, a student asked me how they write dialectical journals. I looked at the other English teacher helping tutor and she had to step in. So while I did not choose to get certified to teach English, apparently credentials don't mean a damn thing.

3) I'm taking a night class on Mondays so if I have some free time I try to read or hold onto my last bit of sanity.

4) Sarah Palin may be our next Vice President.

5) I had a run in with some ghetto neighbors. I was driving by in my car when I honked at some high school boys playing football in the street who wouldn't get out of the way. They threw the football at my car. When I got off the car to yell at them, one of the guy's dads started walking toward me saying they didn't throw the ball at my car. Yes they did. No they didn't, he said and came toward me. This is why these ghetto kids are the way they are. Because their idiot uneducated dad is the exact same way. Whatever. I'm sure his kid will be making my fries or washing my car in no time.

6) Randy passed his evaluations and is now patrolling on his own. I worry for him but I knew what he was getting into so I can only pray and hope for the best.

7) The stress has been getting to me and I've been coming down with a fever or cold every 2 weeks. Which means I still have to get stuff done, but now I have to do it while highly medicated.

and finally....

8) Sarah Palin, or Susie Creamcheese as I like to call her, may be our next Vice President.

Thank God its Friday. I called in sick today because I had a fever (shocking) so I've been sleeping all day. I'm going to walk aimlessly around Target for a while I think and buy more things I don't need.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

you're going to put a camera where?

In my effort to cross items off my to-do list I finally did what I've been putting off for years...going to the doctor. I've had stomach issues all my life and since college it got worse. 5 years later, I decided to do something about it. Better late than never, right?

I diagnosed myself a while back, declaring that what has been ailing me is acid reflux. It took me like 20 minutes to tell the doctor EVERYTHING that has bothered me in the past few years. Mainly that everytime I eat I have to follow with an antacid. I think I've single-handedly kept the company that makes TUMS fully operational.

So after my monologue o' ailments, the doctor told me that we would try a few things. First, I'd have to take Nexium everyday for the next 2-4 months. She also took some blood to see if I have H palari, a bacteria that can live in your stomach for years without you knowing (or finally going to the doctor to check). Then she said we'd have to do an endoscopy, where they basically stick a long tube with a camera at the end of it down my esophagus and into my stomach. With the endoscopy they'll look at any damage the acid reflux might have caused, see if there are any abnormalities and take some biopsies.

The doctor said there's a possibility I might have to take medicine everyday my entire life, or I'd have to have surgery to fix it. Hopefully it doesn't come to either of those options. I think this is why I put off going to the doctor. But I guess its a good thing. She said if I would have allowed this to continue I could end up with esophageal or stomach cancer. And here I was hoping that just by going to the doctor I'd magically end up okay. I guess we'll find out with the endoscopy and blood work.

Aside from that, I'm going to use this week to move into my classroom and start preparing lessons. This makes me depressed. It means the summer is over and my life will once again be run by teenagers with attitudes. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

this tickles my nerdy bone

I recently saw the trailer for the new comic book movie "Watchmen" coming out in March of next year. I love movie trailers almost as much as I love movie scores. A good movie trailer will make or break a movie for me. I hate when the movie itself is a disappointment and all the good parts are in the trailer. Hopefully this one isn't.
Check out this video: WATCHMEN trailer 1

I'd love to hear some opinions.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

fun at my expense

My sister Sharron called me today to tell me that my half sister and her kids went up to San Antonio to visit my nephew. Sharron met them there with her boyfriend to introduce him to them. He said he wanted to hear all the embarassing stories about her childhood but surprisingly enough they couldn't think of any. Instead, they decide to regale her boyfriend with embarassing stories about ME. My nephew, who's older than me, was the ringleader of the fun.

For Christmas I'm giving his kids toys that make lots and lots of noise. I'm thinking a drumset, or maybe just an air horn.

reading is the best diet

It's been a while since I paid attention to my blog. Mostly because I've decided to start crossing items off my summer to-do list. I was becoming agitated and I think it was because I had a lot of things I wanted to get done during the summer and I hadn't done any of the things I planned. So this whole week has been spent at the dentist's office, getting an eye exam, choosing eye glasses, back to the dentist's office, cleaning my house, organizing things, etc. I started to feel a little better, although my bank account is depleting rapidly.

Also sucking money out of our account is the arbor/porch the husband wants to put outside. Spending a few hours inside home depot looking at wood started to make me crazy. There's nowhere to stand at home depot; I don't think they want wives there. At least in the wood section. So then after we bought a bunch of wood we brought it open and stained it a nice redwood color. Meanwhile the mosquitos were outside making a nice meal out of me and my husband while we were painting. I think they laugh at OFF spray like its a nice wine that goes with their steak.

So aside from doctor's visits and painting wood, I bought the last book in the twilight series called Breaking Dawn on Saturday at midnight. Yes me, amongst the gothic looking teenagers sporting shirts and pins and face paint. But instead of going to Barnes & Noble I went to Walmart so I wouldnt have to wait in line. I tried on clothes the other day, which I hate doing because it reminds me that I gained weight, so I skipped the cake and punch. I decided to quit eating after 9p.m. in the hopes that it would help with my stomach problems AND keep me from gaining anymore weight. So instead of joining my husband in eating late night whataburger, I went home and read until 3 a.m. I woke up around 10:30 a.m., ate a special K bar and went straight back to reading. I took a quick break at 1:30ish to talk to Randy while he was getting ready to go to work. After he left I poured myself some dry cereal and a tall glass of water and kept reading. I looked up at the clock a few times and was surprised how much time had passed! All of a sudden it was 6:30 p.m. but I continued.

I finally finished the book around 9:30 at night. All 754 pages of the book. My eyes were all shifty and blurry by the time I was done. Then I went through my typical mourning period like I usually do after I read a good book. I mostly sigh and reflect on it a while. I get moody too if its a romantic novel. Not because I'm unhappy with my love life, but I just have trouble adjusting to reality. I get sucked into whatever world is created for me and I get deeply involved in it. When its over its I get pulled out and I have to adjust. On a thinner note, I ate really light. A special K bar, some try cereal, applesauce and tuna for dinner. If I hadn't been reading all day I'm sure I would've been wandering around my house, eating out of sheer boredom, or I would've been out and about, spending money and eating fast food.

While I am finished with my book I'm hoping to stay on the better eating trail. I woke up late again so I had a piece of cinnamon raising toast, some craisins for a snack, and I'll be having some chicken for dinner. Homemade fried chicken yes, but hopefully I can limit myself.

Next week its another dentist appointment, a workshop, and a doctor's appointment. Check, check and check.